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Self-drilling Screws

Bi-metal Self-drilling Screws

Bi-metal Self-drilling Screws

  • Dia.:M3~M12
  • Length:20mm~68mm
  • Coating:Zinc plating or Gold Cr 6+ Free coating or Ruspert
  • Material:Carbon steel and stainless steel

Similar to a sheet metal screw, but it has a drill-shaped point to cut through the substrate to eliminate the need for drilling a pilot hole. Designed for use in soft steel or other metals. Bi-metal self-drilling screw is a combination of a hard drilling point of carbon steel and a tough body of stainless steel which makes itself be able to be used in the extrme environment such as the roof of the chemical factory without rust of the body.

Bi-metal Self-drilling screw
Head type: Hex flange washer head, Hex, Torx, and etc.
Washer option: Round cut EPDM Washer, Bonded Washer
Material: Point - Carbon steel; Body - Stainless steel 
Coating: Gold Cr 6+ Free coating

​Applications of the self-drilling screws:

See TAIWAN CMC's production by video.
Noted. The threading process for bi-metal self-drilling screw basically is the same as the single metal one.